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Wind Farm Posters

These posters are offered for sale as a benefit for the Community Food Bank-Southern NJ Branch. They were created by Donna Connor and she writes, "The Wind Farm is such a positive thing both for our area and our earth, that I wanted to find a way to celebrate it's beauty. With so many breathtaking views of the turbines, a series of posters seemed perfect. I believe everyone has the ability to help the community in their own unique way.To have had the opportunity to photograph these powerful and majestic structures and then to have those images help other is inspiring to me. As art nourishes the soul this food drive will nourish those in need and to me, that's double blessing.".
Orders are best placed over the phone so shipping and payment arrangements can be made. Please call 609-965-3396 and ask to speak with Donna.

It's For The Birds poster signed
24" x 30" - $50 donation

Always Turned On poster
12" x 18" - $35 donation
24" x 34" - $75 donation

Jersey-Atlantic Dedication poster signed
24" x 30" - $50 donation

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